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Open by chance or appointment

When you find yourselves in the area, feel free to stop in anytime. We are usually around. If you have a specific project for us, or need to speak directly with Eric or Barbara, it's a good idea to call ahead (607) 868-3151.

If you happen by at the right time, you might even see Barbara on one of her horses.

She is a life-long horsewoman who currently owns two retired Thoroughbred racehorses who live with us on our Finger Lakes farm. She has trained them both to be accomplished riding horses in their second lives: Rio Dinero (on the left) excels in dressage and Top Shotta (on the right) has competed for many years in eventing. Both love meeting visitors, especially if they bring treats!

Fall Road

Oriental Influences

The roots of our pottery run East, since many of our techniques, glazes, and brushwork originated in Japan, China, and Korea. Barbara studied Oriental Art History at Oberlin College and was encouraged to become familiar with the use of the bamboo brush to express herself.  

These are two recent examples of her work:  

a 12” square sushi dish made by Eric and decorated with Barbara’s abstract painting, that rises off the table surface on two short legs,

and a 5.5” diameter rice bowl with dragonfly brushwork which comes with wooden chopsticks.